Halfway To 1st Goal

Following my hospital stay, I was instructed to see an occupational therapist to rehabilitate by arm back to full strength. I did not think it would be as hard as it is though. The first appointment involved making a cast that limited my range of motion. In simple terms – so I did not move my arm to I ripped the tendon off!

Then the OT gave me the process and the plan to recovery. 5 months! That is 5 months until complete recovery i.e. back to normal. That is a long time. I was (and am) determined to do this properly. The warning from the surgeon was simple: Be very patient through the rehab otherwise you will not gain full power and strength back EVER!

Eish! So patient I have tried to be.

Weekly visits to the OT have been encouraging because I can see the improvement. This weekend will make 10 weeks since that fateful day and i am halfway through the rehab of 5 months. I have not driven in 10 weeks.

So 10 weeks in and I am halfway to my first goal of getting my arm back to full strength. this is possibly the most important step. Without my arm injury free, I am not going anywhere especially to a half iron man! At 10 weeks, strengthening started and although very limited, it is absolutely necessary to start small and build on those little steps.

This is going to be the theme through this experience, start with little steps and build on those.


Decision Made!

Life is all about making decisions.  Some easy, some hard. Some are short term, some are long term. I have made a relatively long term decison this last weekend!
Goals have to be divided into short term goals and longer term goals.  Long term goals are really made up of short term goals. As the old proverb goes “a journey of a thousand miles, starts with a single step”.

GOAL: Half ironman triathlon. Consists of 1.9 km swim, 90km cycle and 21.1 km run.
DEADLINE: November 2015.

This goal is broken down into smaller short term goals.
First goal:get my left elbow back to full strength after surgery on it in late August this year
2nd goal: start training covering the 3 disciplines.
3rd goal: complete a triathlon of a shorter distance. This will get me accustomed to the way the event works as well as the type of strain it places on my body. It will also highlight areas of improvement to work on.

4th goal: to raise funds by riding for “the cows” in the herd they organise. All funds raised to CHOC. More details and to donate are available at this link https://www.givengain.com/cgi-bin/gigam.cgi?cmd=activist_home

Follow this blog to follow my progress during a time of great distance and great fun.

I See Something

The Underdog

Invisible Heroes

The world is a fantastic place to live.  Love makes it spin and it’s run by invisible heroes performing random,  selfless acts of love and kindness.  You will be graced by these invisible heroes for a brief moment in time and then they seemingly vanish.
Some would call these heroes angels and these names are interchangeable to describe them.

Lying on the very hard, rough road after grinding to a halt using mainly my left elbow, 2 such heroes came from the darkness up the road and without question, stopped their morning ride, put their bikes down to assist a complete stranger. Asking nothing in return for their actions,  they effectively got my off the road and checked I was adequately safe and healthy. Once they had confirmed that I was safe and had a plan to get help, I sent them on their way.

To this day, I could not identify these 2 people. I can tell you they are male and they were riding mountain bikes. That’s it! I am of course grateful and thankful to these 2 heroes for a simple and pretty random act of kindness.

I hope that you have been on the receiving end of such kindness or love but more than that, have you ever been “the invisible hero”? I have had the honour of being the hero. It is certainly better to give than to receive.

No reason needed


Help them up