I See Something

The Underdog

Invisible Heroes

The world is a fantastic place to live.  Love makes it spin and it’s run by invisible heroes performing random,  selfless acts of love and kindness.  You will be graced by these invisible heroes for a brief moment in time and then they seemingly vanish.
Some would call these heroes angels and these names are interchangeable to describe them.

Lying on the very hard, rough road after grinding to a halt using mainly my left elbow, 2 such heroes came from the darkness up the road and without question, stopped their morning ride, put their bikes down to assist a complete stranger. Asking nothing in return for their actions,  they effectively got my off the road and checked I was adequately safe and healthy. Once they had confirmed that I was safe and had a plan to get help, I sent them on their way.

To this day, I could not identify these 2 people. I can tell you they are male and they were riding mountain bikes. That’s it! I am of course grateful and thankful to these 2 heroes for a simple and pretty random act of kindness.

I hope that you have been on the receiving end of such kindness or love but more than that, have you ever been “the invisible hero”? I have had the honour of being the hero. It is certainly better to give than to receive.

No reason needed


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