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Change it up

So how are those new year’s resolutions going?
I can hazard a guess that a lot, if not most of them, have already been broken or forgotten. There are many reasons for thisbut that’s not the point of this blog post.
Personally,  I do not have and do not do new years resolutions anymore. In the past I did.  You know how well that went! I now set goals for myself and go for them. This is similar to resolutions but very different at the same time. A resolution is a goal without definite boundaries.  A goal has a end point or something to aim at or achieve.

Example please?
Resolution: To exercise more.
Goal: Run 12 local park runs, 3 10km events and 1 half marathon.
Resolution: To do situps 3 times a week
Goal: Do 5 000 situps in the year ahead.

Get the point?
The last one highlights the point of this post. It happens to be a goal of mine. My goal however is 10 000 crunches. About 28 per day.
The point is this, do not go back to the same resolution every year. It did not work last year so you are already on the back foot before you start. Change it up a bit but keep the underlying goal the same.

This type of resolution does take some planning but it works. I have done more regular crunches this year than ever before and I am more motivated to keep going than before. 10 000 sounds a lot but broken down into daily chunks, it actually is not a lot at all.

Go ahead,  change it up and achieve something this year!

I went looking for energy drink the other day. I should sports drink actually. Energy drinks are full of caffeine and normally short lasting whereas sports drinks are designed to keep you going  during a prolonged period of exercise, normally over one hour.
Anyway, I went looking at a major shopping centre locally which has all the major chains in it which supply the brand that I use, being USN. I went into three stores and neither had the drink that I use but they definitely stock the brand and others like it because there was an entire eisle dedicated to the stuff.  The problem with this situation is that about 80% (my rough estimate) was designed for bulking up body building type exercise. These products came in buckets of 5 kg and there must have been 25 of each kind.

I do know that there is a fair number of people in the gym daily that use this kind of stuff but I would like to know why the ratio of this stuff is so high? This led me to remember a really worrying visit to a major pharmacy chain at another local mall. I again was looking for carbohydrate loading drink and was approached by a man mountain who clearly spent too much time in the gym. He said that USN don’t make this type of drink and that this place then obviously did not stock it. This being complete rubbish he proceeded to go on about how you can use the normal drink as a carbo loading agent. A week later I hit the wall in a cycling race thanks to this rubbish advice.

I clearly did my homework and have subsequently found, at that shop, the stuff I need. I have been given the hard lesson of accepting advice from the wrong person. In this case, a guy who does nothing but gym and eat fish and vegetables and consume an extraordinary and excess amount of ‘vitamins’ aka steroids or some performance enhancing drugs that make his hands shake but very muscular.  If we were ever to fight – I would easily escape because I am sure he does nothing more 2 seconds exercise lifting heavy weights while making inappropriate noises so everyone in a 2 mile radius knows he is ‘exercising’ before going for a strut around the change rooms naked. This shortly followed by a no carb, high protein smoothie from the cafe in the gym made from ‘protein powder’ and various other ingredients to make gym think that he a healthier person.
Clearly, not all experts are actually knowledgeable in their given area of expertise. They are more salesmen out to make the sale I stead of making sure the customer gets what they need.

BHAG 2016

Dont worry, this is not some dodgy religious, extremist group, but rather a very good idea to sit and ponder over.
So what is it? Here is the breakdown:
B ig
H airy
A udacious
G oal
Have a good think as to what you really want in the next year (or less) and write it down. Keep in the front of your mind that these goals should fit ALL the criteria above.
By thinking of these goals, you may get a bit scared and prefer to go for a more conservative goal but why should you? You want to do something that is amazing in life and in particular in the next 12 months so why not go big, hairy and audacious?
How do you know if it fits all the criteria? 
1. You cannot choose something you have done before. What’s the point of that?
2. You must believe that you can do it. A tough one this but you will know deep down if you can do it.
3. These are goals that you have been thinking about for a long time. More often  than not, we talk ourselves out of these goals.
And last but possibly the most importantly,
4. When you tell people about these goals, they will think that they are either stupid and out of reach or plain impossible. That is the reactio  you want.
Personally, I love it when people say it’s impossible because that gives me the perfect motivation to do it. There is nothing proving people wrong and showing them that you can do it despite what they think.
A word of advice here,  have a strong support structure to be behind you through the process because with the nature of the goals, you will meet adversity and constant negativity drom everyone around.  tou need some support to keep you on the path.

So what are your BHAG for the next 12 months? Write them down and share them! Then one thing is left to do: do whatever it takes to achieve those goals.

Not my circus, not my monkey!

That is a phrase that is being plastered all over social media currently and and I think it is fantastic!  I interpret this as if it is not your problem then you do npt have to worry about it. I take it one step further and say that if you have dealt with a particular issue and it has been resolved or you have do everything in your power to resolve it, then it’s not your monkey and not your circus.

I recently had an opportunity to actually put this into practise.  I got a message from a friend and  colleague who was sick in bed to ask me whether I had resigned.  I of course said no. Well, actually I said some other things but that was the basic message. She had heard it from another colleague at a different office. When I found this rumour was being spread, I was so angry. I was so angry that I did not know whether to laugh, scream or cry. I knew I had to confront the person and stop this in its tracks before it got too far but how do I react to such a stupid rumour when I was so angry? I sought advice from an older colleague and she said don’t do anything until you have calmed down.

I didn’t do anything immediately.  In fact, I got up and went home as planned for lunch with my wife.  I had a rant with her. She gets upset and we enter parallel universes where we could do what we really want to do in the situation. After those solutions, we have let off the steam and I headed back to work.
I now was calm. I responded to the people I needed to. Having got very little in return,  I moved on. I am now in peace with the situation because I know I have done all that I can do to resolve the issue. I can now honestly laugh about it. Where the phase comes in is that I know that they are still talking about but I don’t care. If they want to live a stupid dream world – thats their choice and again, not my monkey, not my circus.