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Stress myths debunked

You have many roles you play in life this can make life quite stressful. Stress has to be managed properly and in trying to help you, we debunk six common  myths about stress.Dispelling the myths around stress enables us to understand our problems and then take action against them, so that stress does not become a hurdle to your company’s success.
Myth 1: Stress is the same for everybody.
Wrong! Stress is different for everyone. What is stressful for one person may or may not be for another; each of us responds to stress in an entirely different way.

Myth 2: Stress is always bad for you.
This means that no stress makes us happy and healthy, right?
Wrong again.
There is such a thing as good stress; a new relationship, a lucrative business deal, etc. Stress can be the kiss of death or the spice of life. The difference is how to handle it. Properly managed stress makes us productive and happy; mismanaged stress hurts and even kills us.

Myth 3: Stress is part of life, so you can’t do anything about it.
Not entirely true. You can plan your life so that stress does not overwhelm you. This involves setting priorities; solving simple problems first and then going on to more complex issues. Without the proper planning, all your problems seem equal and stress seems to be everywhere.

Myth 4: The most popular techniques for reducing stress are the best ones.
See myth number one – There is no one universally effective stress reduction technique. We are all different, our lives, situations are different and our reactions are different. Only a comprehensive programme tailored to the individual works.

Myth 5: No symptoms, no stress.
The absence of symptoms doesn’t mean your don’t have stress. In fact, camouflaging symptoms with medication, alcohol or other vices may deprive you of the signals you need for reducing the toll on your body and mind.

Myth 6: Only major symptoms of stress require attention.
This myth assumes that the “minor” symptoms, such as headaches or stomach acid, may be safely ignored. Minor symptoms of stress are the early warnings that your life is getting out of hand and that you need to do a better job of managing stress. So listen to what your body is tell you and take action.


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Look where you want to go.

Most people know how to ride a bike. If you do not know how, I would love you to learn. It is a great outdoor activity for all ages. I have ridden a bike from when I was about 5 years old. I only took it up as a hobby about 15 years ago. I now spend between 2 and 6 hours on my bike per week. Not a huge amount of time compared to (more…)

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Never too old


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Are you a grumpy bum?

Everyday, whether you believe it or not, you choose to be happy or you choose to be grumpy. It is actually a conscience choice and we make it everyday. Most of us don’t even realise that we have made the choice but we do and often it is the wrong one.

I walked into our office this morning,  to see the office has changed significantly with the addition of some dry walls that were erected over the 3 day long weekend.

My initial thought?
Wow, that’s what they were talking about.
Second thought?
I am glad that they managed to do it over the weekend so we can enjoy a relatively disruption free day to carry on business as usual. Pretty positive if you ask me.This positivity was met by some serious opposition when a colleague walked in and started listing all the negative things about the office changes. 

This really got on my nerves and eventually I said okay, please focus on the good points about this change please. Well, that went down like a lead balloon and the negativity continued. There are 2 choices everyday, a positive and a negative. I am not saying that everything is roses and sunshine but everything is not doom and gloom either.

I have come to learn that some people actually like being negative and picking apart even the good things in life. They don’t choose to be happy and by doing this they choose to be ‘grumpy bums’ as we say in our family. These grumpy bums are often very nice people but they are very negative people and have to be worked on to get them to be positive. 

I have also found that these grumpy bums have 2 common traits.
1. They like complaining and moaning and
2. They moan about the same problems over and over again. 
These problems are often not life changing either. These problems are those annoying problems that have a habit of sticking around. These are great pickings for these grumpy bums which just grab them with both hands like a dog with a bone and they do not let go.

Are you one of the grumpy bums our do you actively choose to be a ready of sunshine in the world.

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Having spent about 6 hours on the bike in the last 3 days, life seems to be a whole lot different for some reason. Admittedly,  6 hours is not a lot of riding for 3 days but for me it capped probably one of the best weeks of riding ever.

I did not do it very fast at all but I did it and that is enough. I did my best for the condition I am in currently. I stopped to often but whatever. I actually wanted to get out 3 days in a row and do some pretty serious mileage amd I did exactly that. I probably should have done some carbo loading before hand but I did not realise that I had the stuff at all.

Being alone for length of time did put things into perspective somewhat.  The sacrifice that Carrie (my wife) and my family make in order for me to go out and ride are actually huge and I really hope that I can repay that someday.
My mind then drifted to work and I also started planning my referral email to my contacts. I have really been moved recently by a video about referrals and I am going to use that method to grow my business into something great and I have a new business and I now have a goal, the goal is to grow the business to such an extent that I can employ another 2 people. 

The first hurdle in a new business is the first couple of clients. Once those start rolling and we can start building that nest egg, I can think longer term and advertising more extensively through the various avenues available.

Back to the riding, there is a different focus about me now. I was once told that you get to a level of riding that eventually changes your focus. I think my spirit is a lot calmer and my head is certainly clearer because of it. Here is to findin out what happens next…….

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