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Recession? Whatever!

Everybody is concerned with how tight cash flow is. I am talking normal people, not multi millionaires and their peeps. Too often, the comment of “the recession is really tough” is thrown around. Most of the time, the people saying this are not using it in the right context, or don’t understand what it means.

The abundance of knowledge and the availability to one and all, not only local but anything from any corner of the world. This is the basis of the incorrect use or misunderstanding of this apparent recession. The experts on these shows are indeed that, experts. As with a lot of journalism, their knowledge is taken out of context. This causes a sensational story but causes damage. I call this rubbish, sensational journalism and it does nothing for anyone.

This is the basis of people using words they have no idea about. I xan see why recession is used but i can also see that it cannot be a reality, well at least not in 3 examples:

1. The money spent on cars. There are cars arw worth from about R 300 000 and can be as much as R1.2m. These may or may not be actually needed and warrant the price tag. However, it is the monthly instalments that intrigue me. These can range up to R20 000. This  massive chunk of anyones monthly income. Some may be illegally used as “business expenses” but the vast majority? Surely it ,ust put huge strain on the bills when combined with a bond on a massive house as well as many other of the usual expenses. Many of these families will have 2 cars. You see where i am going with this.

2. The local pub is full. Just up the road from us is a newly opened bistro / bar. It is busy every day. It fills up from about 3pm, everyday. In relative terms, eating out and alcoholic beverages is expensive. With the “recession” going on, how do all these people afford this daily event? 

3. Money spent on toys.  I am not talking about for children,  but rather the “big boys and girl” toys. Anything from bicycles to the latest watches and drones to name just a few. 

So you have a fancy car, going Foe drinks with mates every night and have the latest toys to show off. All very good but how do you afford the rest of your obligations? DURING A RECESSION?

PS:the other thing is how do people manage to get time from work to go  have drinks midafternoon? 


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The new year ishere andthe resilutions are on everybody’s lips. Have you made any?

Better question is: should you really made them?

Far too many people make all sorts of resolutions which, I believe, they actually have no intention of keeping. There are 3 types of resolutions that are made:

1. Resolutions that are made and kept.

2. Resolutions that are made but not quite kept. Eg: you want to lose 25kg and, despite your best efforts, you lost 20kg. 

3. Resolutions that are made with no intentions of being kept.

Number 1 and 2 are great. You got up and changed something in order to get to your resolution. You may not get to it but you gave it your best shot. You can only try your best. Many outside factors can affect this process.

Number 3, however, is a different story. This can happen can for any aspect of life but, more odten than not, it involvesthe fatal words of “diet” and “exercise”. 

Examples. I want to be more healthy. I want to go to gym more often. I want to lose 20kg. The list is endless. These often sound like excuses or something that you “should be” doing rather than wanting to do them.

The way to see if you are making the correct resolutions are the responses that you have at the end of the year. 

1. Nailed it! Let’s do it again. 

2. Oh so close, i will tweak it slightly and nail it this year.

3. Yes, i did but i really should ……. blah blah excuse.

The best thing about resolutions is that they are never cast in stone. They can be revised to a certain degree, not completely and not to suit you not wanting to do it! 

Example: you set your resolution at running a marathon in the next year. You are training well and everything is on course. Then you sustain an injury that halts your training for 2 months. The year ends with the resolution not being met. The outside factor changed the outcome but the real motive behind it was met. That is the training, healthy eating and good rest. 

Resolutions are and can be incredible life changing promises to yourself and all your friends and family but only if you really want them to happen.

Last question: are you really going to do that? If not, don’t say it, you are only fooling yourself. 

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BHAG 2017

Dont worry, this is not some dodgy religious, extremist group, but rather a very good idea to sit and ponder over. 

So what is it? Here is the breakdown:
H airy
A udacious
G oal
Have a good think as to what you really want in the next year (or less) and write it down. Keep in the front of your mind that these goals should fit ALL the criteria above. 
By thinking of these goals, you may get a bit scared and prefer to go for a more conservative goal but why should you? You want to do something that is amazing in life and in particular in the next 12 months so why not go big, hairy and audacious
How do you know if it fits all the criteria?  
1. You cannot choose something you have done before. What’s the point of that?
2. You must believe that you can do it. A tough one this but you will know deep down if you can do it.
3. These are goals that you have been thinking about for a long time. More often  than not, we talk ourselves out of these goals.
And last but possibly the most importantly, 
4. When you tell people about these goals, they will think that they are either stupid and out of reach or plain impossible. That is the reactio  you want. 
Personally, I love it when people say it’s impossible because that gives me the perfect motivation to do it. There is nothing proving people wrong and showing them that you can do it despite what they think.
A word of advice here,  have a strong support structure to be behind you through the process because with the nature of the goals, you will meet adversity and constant negativity drom everyone around.  tou need some support to keep you on the path.

So what are your BHAG for the next 12 months? Write them down and share them! Then one thing is left to do: do whatever it takes to achieve those goals.

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