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Not so long ago, on a glorious saturday afternoon, I started feeling nauseous and not very good at all. I was at a family gathering and really enjoying the Durban sunshine. Fortunately, I made it home before it all came back to me – lunch and anything had eaten before.
I have no clue what caused it, but am sure the 2 hour bike ride in the heat of the day did not help my electrolyte balance.

To get to the point and to leave out the gnarly details – I was very sick that night and was in bed most of the following day (sunday). I lost much fluid and weight in the process.

This left very weak on the monday morning going to work. I was not sick enough to skip work and go to the doctor and was running at about 60% The difference was remarkable. Instead of taking 2 stairs at a go – I could only manage one. This forced me to take it slowly.
Breakfast gave me an energy lift, so working at 75% was about the max I was going to get to. This was good!


I shall explain. Running at 100% is never effective and never efficient for anybody or anything. Take a car for example. It gets less efficient as the speed gets higher. So travelling at 110km/h is actually more efficient than 120km/h which is more efficient than 130km/h etc. You get the point. So why try and go at 130 km/h when 110 km/h is more efficient and more effective?

I figured this out while working at about 80% on the Monday. It was amazing how efficient and therefore focussed and ultimately more effective I was that day. Because I was working at 80% does not mean I was working slowly. It meant that I stopped spending energy on nothing and rather focussed it on the important items.

Try it out for yourself. Stop working at 100 (or 110) % capacity and see how it will increase your efficiency in daily life.

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Rib based pain is excruciating at times and anyone that has had a rib ‘pop’ out can vouch for this. The pain is sharp and sometimes burning in nature, can follow the course of the rib and wrap around the body. (more…)

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How often should I see the Chiropractor?

Often I am asked how often someone should see a chiropractor.



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When Doctors use terms like acute, subacute and chronic they are referring to the duration of the disorder.

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