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You are the only you around. In fact, you are the only you that has ever been and will ever be!

This sounds ridiculous, right? Why?

It is the TRUTH! That’s why it sounds stupid! Its the truth but no one listens to it and even less people believe it!

With that said, why are you copying someone else? Why are we all trying to copy someone else? Why are you trying to be a good copy of someone else when you can be a perfect copy of yourself?

Do that! Go out and be you! Be the perfect you! Live the life you want to.

This may be hard for some of us including myself who sometimes does not want to be me. Sometimes we would rather be a second hand version of ourselves, living a life that we think we should live rather than living the life we want to.

It is choice.

It is sometimes a very hard choice to make and a choice that I did not make for quite some years.

Why wait?

Why is it that we wait so many years to make this decision and do what we want? For some, we are scared of the consequences. we are scared of failing. For others, and this may sound really weird, we are scared of succeeding! We are scared of actually doing well and making our dreams a reality!

There of course many other reasons but whatever the reason, we should never have an excuse for not being us!

A first rate version of you is always better than a second rate version of someone else.

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Go ALL in

As I left for work today, I was struck by yet another lesson that my daughter has now taught me. She has just turned two years old and is an absolute terror and an absolute blessing all rolled into one beautiful little girl. Yes, I am biased but I am allowed to be.

She has grasped the concept of daddy going work quite quickly. This week she has had a few days at home with mom and has walked to the car with me to say goodbye.

This morning she walked out and started waving goodbye. When I say she waved – it was possibly the most enthusiastic wave ever! It started as a single handed wave. It finished as double handed full bodied wave. Her entire body was being put into the wave to express her saying goodbye. Very difficult to leave when she is being so cute.

How many times do you do things with the enthusiasm of a child? Unfortunately, you tend to what is necessary and expected of you so you can do something else. So take the lesson from the “little ones” of the world and live entirely and 100% in the now.

Jump in with both feet.

Give a body wobbling double handed wave.

Go ALL in ALL the time.

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