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Core strengthening plays a vital role in the rehabilitation of a back injury.

Our core muscles are essential in taking a load off the back.


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Rib based pain is excruciating at times and anyone that has had a rib ‘pop’ out can vouch for this. The pain is sharp and sometimes burning in nature, can follow the course of the rib and wrap around the body. (more…)

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Should, could and would are three wordsthat are very simple. When used they often layer on many more emotions by theperson saying them.  They are often usedby many people. Unfortunately, the person using them is often relayingsomething that they have not done or wanted to be done but has not been done,for whatever reason.
Some examples of phrases using these words:
  •          I should have done the washingup.
  •          I should have spent more timewith him / her.
  •          He could be anything he wants.
  •          I would like to go on holidaymore.I would love to get a new car.

Should is a word that generally is used todescribe some action or event in the past. Would and could are generally usedto describe the future. Would and could are often coupled with two other words,if and or only, which then leads to dangerous territory for the speaker. Forexample:
  •          If I had a better job, I couldget a more reliable car.
  •          If I had the money that he hasthen I would buy a new house.
  •          If I had more time, I would goto gym more often.

Now that the English language lesson isover – what is the point of all this?

There is no problem with these words orusing them, however, there can be a problem with using these words too oftenand in the wrong context. When we get depressed or down with life and thetrials it does bring when often resort to woeful periods with loads ofsentences with all of the above words in them. This does nothing except digthat hole deeper. It leads to a downward spiral which can be hard to break.Thus staying away from these words is a great idea. In fact, when you recognisethat you are using these words and the mood is going downward, just avoidingthese words can be the start of breaking the cycle. You actually do not have touse wonderfully, flowery and up beat language and sentences to break the cycle.Having said that, the biggest trick is to recognise that you are in thatdownward cycle, and stop it.

A big factor in the use of these words isthe people you speak to. Think about the people you speak to on a regularbasis. Do you get uplifted when you talk to them? Do you walk away feelingdrained and exhausted with time dragging its heels? If the latter is true, tryand recall the conversation. Did it contain the” shoulda, coulda woulda” typesentences? I am positive it did.

I am not saying that you must never usethose words. Sentences with the words are necessary and important too. I amsuggesting that you have better words to use that convey the same message in aconstructive way.

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This blog is now available to be viewed on your mobile devices!

You can now view this blog wherever you are on our cell phone / mobile device!

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A new blog launched

I have recently been looking at pregnancy websites for various reasons and noticed that they are mostly aimed at the females. Although this may be an obvious statement, however, in my opinion these should be equally aimed at the males and females because they are both involved in the process or at least should be.

I have created a blog that is more aimed at the males sides of things but is useful to both / all parties involved.

The blog can be found here: apregnantdad.blogspot.com

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