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In medicine, sicknesses comes to your attention by symptoms. These symptoms are the outward appearance of something going on inside. An example. I have asthma. My chest closes up and I start wheezing – it is horrible. The wheezing is the symptom of inflammation in my airways. In order to get rid of the wheezing – I have to sort out the problem inside.
The same analogy happens in the garden with weeds. You can pull the stems and or leaves off till the end of time but they will grow back if you do not get the root.
In our everyday life the same picture can be seen very often. People have road rage. People fly off the handle at the smallest of incidents. Some incidents lead to then hurting others or criminal activity!
We all get to a point when we would like to correct this behaviour. Let me give you an example. I am not very calm when driving a car. I have been known to shout and call fellow drivers certain names. I think this is from a deeper issue which is another long story. If I want to stop this shouting which is the symptom. I have to get to the cause and sort it out! If I just bite my tongue and stop shouting – I am only going to get a very sore tongue.
There are steps to this. First, admit to yourself (or someone else) that there is something to sort out. Then put an action plan together. Lastly, keep trying to get the problems root out.
Without a root a problem cannot surface!


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In an age of unlimited knowledge and possibilities – how is it that speed is more important than accuracy and intelligence?
Let me explain.
We are more clever than ever and yet the language we speak is appalling and written word is even worse. The telephone pretty much advanced the hand written letter and the cell phone advanced the telephone. The SMS came along and decreased the ability of the user to use more than 160 characters and subsequently decreased the spelling ability of the world. It is as though all the vowels in world got sucked into outta space!
I recently received an email, of which the signature was Rgrds.
Come on! Why do this?
When I receive an email like that – the first impressions are that the person does not take the email seriously enough to complete it properly.
Even though emails can be sent from your smart phone now, take the extra time to make the email look professional. Take off the “” line out. Go into the settings and do it! It is more professional and just plainly looks better.
There are times for abbreviations abd short cuts but a lot of the time they are actually a waste of time. You spend years and 1000’s of rands (dollars etc) learning the spelling of words so now when you write words incorrectly it will take you longer because you have to think about how to write them incorrectly. Literally throwing time and money away.
Think about it – take the extra 5 seconds and make sure the message you send is complete and makes sense!

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Over the lat couple of weeks, our lives have changed forever. The arrival of our first child, Makayla, was amazing. It all happen so fast but thats another story. Due to having an emergency C – Section, my wife was in the hospital for 6 days recovering. This was a very tough time for me but I tried to be there as much as possible.

What made the time even tougher was that I got handed a notice of anticipated retrenchment. This obviously made work very difficult. The silver lining to the tough time at work was that with everything that was going on outside work and the fact that I am have a family now, made the tough time at work seem insignificant. All the little things that would normally grate me and make me angry, now were being laughed off as not important.

I am not saying that the problems at work were not important. I was giving 100% at work and always will but, there are now better things to worry about. The order of significance for the problem I face daily, has been completely rearranged forever.

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Did you know that chiropractic manipulation can lower blood pressure?

Spinal manipulations to the upper neck and upper thoracic spine can lower blood pressure.

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