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I have been to many, many music shows and services that involve music. The rule of thumb is the more talent and the latest technology – the better the music / show. These often involve hours and hours of practise together repeating introductions and ending over and over to make sure they are 100% in time etc.
I have played in a band before and the only truth above is the practise – or so I thought. It was proven otherwise just the other night.

We were at a church service the other night which had worship (singing songs) included. The worship team was made up 6 volunteers ie: not paid. They had played the instruments before. The single most amazing thing was they had never played together before EVER! The only rule to being part of this band was to be able to play the instrument you bring.

What was even more amazing and this is what made this band was the enthusiasm they had. They were not technically very good music wise and all the songs were exactly the same speed, but where talent lacked – enthusiasm reigned. And it reigned supreme. I had been to shows where we paid good money to watch professional musicians in a specifically built arena and it was rubbish quality sound.
The other night, enthusiasm reigned and the people loved it, enjoyed the music and had fun. What more could you ask for?
Sometimes, enthusiasm wins the day and in my opinion it should happen more often!

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Jesus > Religion!

This movie clip is not for everyone!

I really enjoyed it and want to share it. It made me think the first time I saw it and it still makes me think.

Watch it and leave your opinion below.





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“…Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favour rests.”

Luke 2:14 (NIV UK)

Queen Elizabeth II, Head of State of the United Kingdom, was born on 21st April 1926. However, her birthday is not officially observed on that day. Instead, she has an “official birthday” that is usually observed in June.

There is no particular ceremony on the Queen’s actual birthday, although those in the vicinity of Hyde Park or the Tower of London would hear the 41 and 62 gun salutes that are discharged on that day.

All of the major events and ceremonies take place on the official birthday date that is set by the government to the most convenient time in the summer.

No one knows the exact date of Jesus’ birthday. Some have tried to establish a likely date in the autumn of the year, using indications from the Bible. Others think that a December date is quite possible. Some astronomers have recently announced that Jesus was born in June. There is no generally accepted date for Jesus’ birth.

If we want to honour and celebrate this greatest of events, the Incarnation of God, we will have to do as is done for the Queen, and celebrate an “official” birthday. This year, as it has been for many hundreds of years, Jesus’ official birthday is on December 25.

We can celebrate this official birthday, not with firing artillery, but with honouring and praising God for giving us His Son to be God with us. We can share the wonderful gospel message with our fellow human beings, sharing the love that God has given us.

Jesus’ birth is good news that causes great joy for everyone, even if they don’t know it yet. Even more good news is that Jesus is coming again in glory to restore all things. What great events we have to celebrate.

Almighty God, Father of our Lord, we give you worship and thanks for your overwhelming love. Help us to celebrate the coming of Christ, and look forward to his return. We praise you in his name.

Author: Jim Robertson is an elder in the Shetland Islands congregation of the Worldwide Church of God. The views expressed are not necessarily those of the blog or its owners

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Why does anyone go to church at all? 

No doubt people have many different reasons both conscious and unconscious. Psychological research has identified certain personality types as having different reasons.

A widely accepted method of measuring personality type is the Five Factor Model (FFM) which measures:

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(I am a Christian and this post is written from that frame of reference. There is no bias in it and it is relevant to all religions and their ‘gods’)
I am amazed how many Christians rely on their God to make it through whatever it is they are going through. To see it is awesome and inspiring indeed. The problem to me is when they rely on God when they have not or are not prepared to do their side of the deal.
Let me paint a few pictures. They may not all apply to you, but I hope you get the overall point.
1) You are writing a big exam and you did not do any studying and you fail or do not get the mark that you think you ‘deserve’. You blame God.
2) You are expecting to get the big raise and or promotion. You have done nothing more than usual or over and above what you normally do. You do not get the raise or promotion. You actually get a disciplinary reprimand for not doing your job. You blame God (or your boss).
3) You enter an athletic event but do not train as you should or hoped to. You land up doing a bad time or even drop out and do not finish. You blame God
The question is: how is God going to help you when you have not done your side? Yes he is all powerful and can do anything. I believe that and trust Him to do that. I will illustrate it another way: I register for a course in art with a local teacher. I do not go to classes and at the end of the course I pray and pray that God will get me through the exam with an awesome painting – sorry – not going to happen!
Stop blaming God for your shortfalls! I am to blame here – I can honestly say I do not blame God very often but I have asked the big questions of Him.
My theory to this is simple and it’s an adaption of my mom’s old favourite saying before exams. She always says ‘do your best and guess the rest’. Good advice. My saying is ‘do your best and let God do the rest’.
He ALWAYS does his side of things – what’s your excuse for not doing your side?

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Easter (and its related holidays) is now over and its back to work! Whilst driving around this weekend, I saw a very good yet disturbing sight – full church parking lots.

Before you jump to any conclusions, let me explain. I see this trend twice a year. Many people who do not go to church on a regular basis cram into the local church on two occasions a year, namely Easter and Christmas, for reasons that elude me and sometimes even them. Possible reasons are guilt, a sense of duty and so on.
Why only twice a year? I can understand the timing of the mass entrance to churches being the birth and death of Jesus Christ but what about the rest of the year? He came to save you ALL YEAR ROUND not just because you felt the need to go twice a year.

He is your best friend and Saviour and this is how you treat Him? How would you feel if your best friend (and Saviour) came to visit twice a year?

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