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Carpe Diem is translated as Seize the day. Its a very good phrase and goes to many different levels.

Opportunities come in many different forms. Contrary to most peoples thinking they present themselves everyday in every aspect of your life.

A lot of people think that no opportunity ever comes their way because they are looking too big! Very few opportunities arrive in grand style with red carpets and trumpets and a 3 day parade waiting for you to wake up to it and decide whether to take it.

I would say 98% of them are regular day-to-day decisions that present themselves like any other. The difference is actually how we treat the decisions.

Example. A colleague of mine was not looking particularly happy with life for about 3 or 4 days. I noticed this but decided that I would tread very carefully around asking what was troubling her. Anyway, I saw her the following day – very happy and “her usual self”. A brilliant change. I went to her and told her that she looks happy and herself again. She liked the comment and made her feel good. We both went on with life after that.
Just an ordinary day-to-day decision that I could have said no to but went for the opportunity.
Do not look too big! If you take care of the small things – the big things will sort themselves out!

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I have been exercising or involved in sport for quite some time. It started about 15 years ago when I was at school. I always played some sport but at high school I started going to gym. I was always interested in sport and training and did quite a lot of reading about programs and the training towards a goal. It was never any formal study but rather from magazines and articles from various sporting codes.


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Ups and downs. Rough patches and awesome experiences. They are all part of life and living. If you do not experience the lows – you could never enjoy the highs. They are called emotions and that is what makes life great.
A recent blog post by a popular sharks rugby supporter, after the Sharks had lost a Super 15

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I am going to give you the opportunity to write for my blog! Its an opportunity to write a minimum of 4 posts for my blog (one per week) which I will then publish as an ebook and sell on my blog. You will get 50% of the proceeds on all sales. 

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