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Todays world is not only digital but immediately available at all times to everyone. It is not the internet that caused this. Obviously it is involved. The biggest time waster ever invented is social media.

I know you are shaking your head and calling me a crack pot but you know i am right. 

As you are reading this, i can almost guarantee you have at least three social platforms loaded on your mobile and maybe even all your mobile devices. Let me guess, Facebook, instagram, twitter and maybe another few.

This is the biggest time waster invented and yet nobody actually acknowledges it. They will make up all sorts of excuses why they use these platforms. Here are some of the best

“It is for business”  sales rep.

“I hardly spemd any time on it” everyone

“I am keeping up with my family” very common

“It is for research i need for work” office worker.

How much time do you spend on these platforms, what do you actually use it for? Do a little experiment with yourself. Uninstall these platforms. Don’t delete your accounts yet. Then spend the next 5 days using the time doing whatever you actually are supposed to do.

You will be astounded by the result. In fact there will 2 results: 

1. You will find that your work does not rely on social media to survive.

2. You are actually addicted to social media platforms.

There are some instances where it is needed. An example is a company’s facebook page where they promote and educate their followers about their company. If you manage such a page, it can be done from your internet browser.


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Let me take a guess. You are involved in social media, right? So, here is the guess. You have a smart phone, yes? You are on facebook, twitter, flickr, you tube, four square, yes? Or at least one of the above, yes? You stay in touch via email, BBM (Blackberry users) or text (sms) messages on that smart phone, yes? These social networking services give you a warm fuzzy feeling about your world and you feel in contact with them at your finger tips. Brilliant! I agree. So, why the title Time Vampires?
Communicating today is easier than ever before. Above I mentioned just 8 of the many, many ways we can communicate today. I only mentioned a few the English speaking networks I know of. There are many more in more other languages and countries out there. The draw back to the communication devices available today is that they can lead to being Time Vampires.
Time vampires are items in your life that suck time and concentration from your life and what you are supposed to be doing. I will explain with a simple example. One the smart phone you have an email with a facebook as well as a twitter account linked up to it. Let say you have about 150 facebook friends and 50 twitter followers that regularly update their profile. That’s 200 potential interruptions to your working day. Forget after hours! Let’s assume you get updates sent to your email. You are working and an email comes through to you phone. Bang! There goes your concentration. You click on the email to see the update and it’s not interesting so you close the window. It took 2 minutes. You are annoyed with me because what is 2 minutes out of a minute day! Do the math on up to 200 updates a day. That’s if they are boring!
Another example is this: one of your friends on Flickr posts really nice photos and you have look – that’s never going to be less than 5 minutes!
You must get the point!
Avoid time vampires in the following ways:
1. Different horses for different courses. Use different social media for what they are good at:
Facebook – Connecting with old friends and telling family and friends in other cities and or countries.
Twitter – Up to the minutes updates from everyone from everywhere about everything.
Flickr – Upload and view photos.
2. Social media is not a popularity contest.
Unless you are a big business or media darling or massive sports spar – the more does not mean better!
3. Use social media sites to add value to your life.
If using social media does not add value to your life – you are doing it wrong! This is true. Last year I deactivated my Facebook account and all except 2 people did not notice. This means that it was not adding value to my life. I now am back on Facebook and have cut my friends list substantially, in order to add value to my “social media” life.
Try these tips and feel free to add your own ways of avoiding “Time Vampires”

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I am relatively new to Twitter and Facebook and have not got many followers and friends. I got to a maximum of just over 100 followers on twitter and was following about 180 people. I did not manage to keep up with the people I was following. The people I

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Here is my 2 cents has hit 200 visits!

Thank you to all who have visited my blog since inception. I will endeavorer to make the blog more active and interesting as time goes by!

Do not forget to follow me on twitter and watch for me on Facebook soon.

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