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Push yourself

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The new year ishere andthe resilutions are on everybody’s lips. Have you made any?

Better question is: should you really made them?

Far too many people make all sorts of resolutions which, I believe, they actually have no intention of keeping. There are 3 types of resolutions that are made:

1. Resolutions that are made and kept.

2. Resolutions that are made but not quite kept. Eg: you want to lose 25kg and, despite your best efforts, you lost 20kg. 

3. Resolutions that are made with no intentions of being kept.

Number 1 and 2 are great. You got up and changed something in order to get to your resolution. You may not get to it but you gave it your best shot. You can only try your best. Many outside factors can affect this process.

Number 3, however, is a different story. This can happen can for any aspect of life but, more odten than not, it involvesthe fatal words of “diet” and “exercise”. 

Examples. I want to be more healthy. I want to go to gym more often. I want to lose 20kg. The list is endless. These often sound like excuses or something that you “should be” doing rather than wanting to do them.

The way to see if you are making the correct resolutions are the responses that you have at the end of the year. 

1. Nailed it! Let’s do it again. 

2. Oh so close, i will tweak it slightly and nail it this year.

3. Yes, i did but i really should ……. blah blah excuse.

The best thing about resolutions is that they are never cast in stone. They can be revised to a certain degree, not completely and not to suit you not wanting to do it! 

Example: you set your resolution at running a marathon in the next year. You are training well and everything is on course. Then you sustain an injury that halts your training for 2 months. The year ends with the resolution not being met. The outside factor changed the outcome but the real motive behind it was met. That is the training, healthy eating and good rest. 

Resolutions are and can be incredible life changing promises to yourself and all your friends and family but only if you really want them to happen.

Last question: are you really going to do that? If not, don’t say it, you are only fooling yourself. 

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​There is only one investment that is guaranteed to make a gain in life. That is the investment in family. There are a lot of people to invest in but there are mainly 3 of these people that exist being yourself, your partner and your kids. You could write a whole book on yourself and your partner and this subject is beyond the scope of this book. The focus here is investing in your kids. Not one person has ever looked back over their life and said, “I wish I had worked harder”. If they do say that, then they are just not great people to be around.

You can invest for them such as saving for their education or their long term future. This is fantastic and I would really encourage this because it really does show you care about their well being later in life, perhaps after have passed away. Unfortunately, this is a perfect scenario that cannot always be carried out in the situation you or your family are in.

There are 2 options to make sure they are looked after.

1. Make sure your will is up to date. I am no expert in this and I would suggest a lawyer or attorney for this advice but making sure your will is in order, tells people that you have thought about your death ahead of time. This may sound backward but it will save them a huge amount of time, money and hassle subsequent to your passing.

2. Make memories.

Make the kind of memories that will stay with them forever. Perhaps you will learn a few things too! This type of memory does not have to be long, fancy overseas trips or extravagant gifts. Yes, those are nice but in 40 years time, will they be able to remember what present they got for their 4th birthday?

The type of memories i am talking about here is the kind of memory that they will tell their kids and grandkids and they will passed on through the generations. an example is that they will always remember talking to family and friends around the kitchen table. My kids are already got memories that will stay with them. They know that Daddy goes cycling and they go and watch me. My daughter even asks if I am going with granddad because I ride with my dad so often. These are small things when you single them out but they will last forever.

The investment in family is the only investment that will not fail or depreciate and in fact, it will only grow. It will even continue to grow after you pass away.

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A Work In Progress


Just like a work of art, we are all a work in progress. Some are further down their roads of progress than others. That is perfect actually because despite what everyone thinks, we are the only ones on our roads.
The race is long but in the end it’s only with yourself. If you have ever done any sporting event of any description,  you will know this.  You can get help along the way but you still have to run or cycle or paddle or whatever,  whatever the distance is.

The same principle applies in life. Unfortunately,  it does not always seem like this. You may be struggling with something in your life and really battling to u derstand why it is happening or how to get through and the people around you are cruising along with everything going their way. This is a facade.

We are all battling to keep it together in one or more ways. You see life gives a bag of things to carry but the contents can be very different.  A couple may be battling to have a child while another couple accidetly falls pregnant. However, the first couple are married and have a stable relationship and the other couple are unmarried amd live in different cities. 
Basically, what comes around around. Sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down but at all times you are wonderful work in progress.

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