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We  all have to face trials and periods of turmoil in our lives. No one of any age, creed or colour can escape that fact. However, whatever you may think and whatever you may believe regarding this fact – the following statement is true.

No matter how dark and how terrible the situation you face is, there is ALWAYS hope.

There is ALWAYS a positive aspect to the situation.

As long as you have a simple glimmer of hope – that is enough to keep going. Hope is the creator of greatness. It is the stuff that makes us get up in the morning and keep going despite what you are told and what you believe.

The sliver lining in the dark is often hiding right there in plain sight. The problem is that most of the time we are looking down. You are never going to see the sun when you are looking in the shadows.

Look up and you will see something more positive than what you see when you look down. The fact that you are still breathing is probably the biggest piece of hope to hold onto. If you are breathing, you can still fight for what you want, love the people in your life and look up to see something great.

Stop looking in the dark for for the glimmer of hope you need to carry on fighting, for if you only looked up you would see it!

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It was a long 5 and a half years of work, sometimes doing things that – did not enjoy. Throughout the 5 years of my articles, despite the difficult times and sometimes just horrible people, I vowed that I will never forget these times but rather learn from them.
I always knew I would not be there forever (although at times it did feel like it) and this is where my vow kicks in. It does not matter what size entity you work or are involved in, there will probably be someone above you and someone below you in the “food chain”. This obviously excludes if you are the owner.
Being an article clerk, this was especially true. I quickly learned how I liked to be treated and how I did not want to be treated. The effect of this was how I treat people now. That’s what never forgetting where you came is all about. I was once at the bottom and have subsequently moved up. I will, however, NEVER forget where I came from. I have had some really great people to work for and often use what they taught me. I have also had some really horrible people to work for and often use what they taught me.

The difference you ask? It may seem like the same thing!

The difference is that I will use both but in opposite ways. The positive I will reuse over and over again. The negative (latter) I will use when reminding myself how not to deal with people.
Your past my have determine where you are today but it can be the biggest influence of where you will go!
Treat others as you would have them treat you and you will never go wrong.

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I wish everything was not such a struggle.
I wish all people treated equally like they we intended.
I wish everyone did not have a point to prove.
I wish that everyone did not have to prove that point all the time.
I wish everyone of every race, religion and nationality actually did get along.
I wish promises made were kept.
I wish that those promises were actually intended to be kept from the start.
I wish everyone was honest and up front about everything.
I wish people actually meant what they said.
I wish we all had the enthusiasm that some people seem to have.
I wish everybody had enough to eat.
I wish everybody could get to everything they want to but never get the chance.
I wish everybody jobs.
I wish everybody was happy in their jobs.
I wish we were all content with what we have.
I wish we were all happy with the way we look.
I wish all sporting events were about the sport and not the prizes.
I wish we could all love as we were made to.

I wish…I wish…I wish…
I could go on forever. It is all wishful thinking but it would be nice to get what we wish for. We can dream and I like to dream.

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Step 1

Fill your mind with positive things. Read encouraging, affirming books and listen to upbeat, happy music. Think about happy memories or things you have to look forward to rather than bad things that have happened or things you dread.

Step 2

Develop yourself spiritually. Research shows that those who are spiritual live longer and more satisfying lives.

Step 3

Keep positive people in your life. Avoid people who have a negative mindset and surround yourself with people who are upbeat, spiritual and fun.

Step 4

Practice positive thinking. Try not to let negative thoughts enter your atmosphere. Think instead of all the good things in your life, even if there aren’t very many. Concentrate on your good features instead of your faults.

Step 5

Laugh often. Watch a funny movie or hang out with someone who you can be silly with. Laughter is a great way to get a positive attitude.

Step 6

Learn something new or take up a new hobby. Get out and do things you love to do and enjoy yourself.

Step 7

Reevaluate your situation. It’s easy to think negative or pessimistic thoughts when something happens. However, when you think rationally about the facts instead of the fears, you can see a more positive side of things.

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Silver linings

Have you had a long day, a long week or even of long year? Are you unsatisfied at work or in your job? Are you stuck where you are? Do you have health problems? Are your children hassling you? Are they causing trouble at school again?
Most people would answer yes to one, if not more, of the above questions. All of us have

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