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Everything you have done, everything you have experienced has brought you to the point where you are right now. It is a pretty simple statement but it needs to be looked at. Everything you have done and experienced has prepared you for what you are about to do.

Let’s look at few examples: a professional golfer stands on the first tee in a tournament. Before this moment, he has hit 10 000’s of practice shots and done exercises to prepare him to be able become better. Practiced for hours on end without anybody watching to prepare for this moment.

A singer stands up front of an audience to give a performance that will make her career and set her up with contracts for a long time. Before this moment, she has sung countless bars of music in countless places. Practiced for hours on end without anybody watching to prepare for this moment.

The examples are every one’s life. Yours and mine. They do not only have to apply to a Hollywood style come back or meteoric rise to fame and fortune. The difference is how we use ‘everything’. We can use it in 2 ways:

1. We can focus on the negative aspects or ‘bad things’ OR

2. Use the whole experience to focus on the positive aspect in order to become ‘better people’

I will use my year of 2011 and show how to apply the above points.

I held 3 jobs that did not work out,

I only cycled about 1 800 km the whole year – pretty dismal distance from a ‘cyclist’,

I failed more subjects than I passed in terms of studying

And I weighed more at the end of the year than the beginning.

Pretty bad points that I could easily focus on. Easy to point fun at IF you do not have the facts behind these facts and the positive aspects to my year.

The facts behind my year:

The first job was a contract position that was not renewed, the second I left in search of better opportunities and the better opportunity retrenched me.

I only cycled that distance for a few reasons. I had hand surgery that kept me out for 2 months at least.

The Positives:

I am now a father to a perfect baby girl.

I am married to an amazing wife, AND

We have an amazing support structure of friends and family.

The positive experience account for the cycling studying not going to well.

So how am I going to use the year that was 2011? By following the second point above in the following way:

1. Analysis what happened during 2011. Most things were pretty much cause and effect for me so this is pretty simple.

2. Plan the year ahead carefully. Take all events into consideration (obviously as much as is available)

3. Use the support structure I / we have to maintain an even keel throughout the year.

4. Be flexible. Things happen and cause things to change so being able to chop and change (only when necessary) is a very good tool to have.

5. Enjoy life. It takes work but it’s worth it! I love my wife and little girl and intend on enjoying them all the time I have them around.

It is never too late to use your ‘everything’! How are you going to use your ‘everything’?

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If you ask people about the year of 2011, they are likely to say it has been rough or ‘a shocker’. Is this because most people tend to find the negative aspects of life before the positives? I do not know.

Personally, 2011 has been a very turbulent year with the usual ups and downs but accentuated by some traumatic and life changing events, both positive and negative. Here is my review of the year that was 2011.

3 jobs: I have had a pretty rough year vocation wise. It started well with (what I thought) was a good job but at the beginning of March, the contract was not renewed and I was out of employment. The next employment I was employed for most of the year. I had an opportunity to move upwards and onwards. I took the opportunity and was enjoying the move when I was handed a retrenchment letter not 2 months into the opportunity. Yes – I had a shocker.

Study (UNISA): This was dependent on the above so was not great. The first semester was also disrupted by the announcement that Carrie was pregnant in April (see below) as well as the loss of the job in early March. I vowed to make the second semester count and was making head way until the job fell over. I was also not able to buckle down with the baby chaos that was around. The second semester was not great either. I did, however, managed to pass some modules and only have 4 left to complete my BCompt degree.

A bundle of chaos: As stated above, our world turned upside down with the excitement of Carrie being pregnant. It was planned and awesome news for the whole family. Bumpy was the name as we decided not to know what the sex was. The excitement grew as bumpy grew as did the speculative odds on the sex. Carrie had a relatively easy pregnancy except the first 4 months battling with nausea. A close check on food was the solution and the diet was very selective. The scans at 36 weeks revealed a big baby and all was in good shape. The 38 week (on the Friday) midwife appointment revealed high blood pressure and bed rest and constant monitoring was prescribed for the weekend. Monday arrived and the blood pressure was still up. A phone call and a trip to the gynae landed Carrie in hospital for observation. After dinner and the visiting hour we all went home. About 1 hour after that about 22:12 I received a phone call saying I needed to get to the hospital! Only God knows how I got there so fast and safely. Makayla Ann was born at 23:23 and was perfectly healthy. Nothing prepares you for parenthood at all. Having said that, there is nothing that compares to having a bundle of chaos around. Yes, it is hard. Yes, it is tough. It is the hardest thing we have ever done but the best thing we have ever done by a LONG way. It is a blessing to her.

On reflection on the year 2011, it was a tough year in certain areas but a fantastic year in other areas. 2012 poses its own challenges and will be different, difficult and brilliant in its own way.

See you there.

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