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I am South African and have lived in Durban, South Africa all my life. I love this country. Whatever you have read about South African history is probably not great and inspiring and I wholly agree. I am fortunate enough to be of an age that did not really feel the full force of the apartheid era and the massive wrong events that occurred.

Having said that, one very important life lesson that living in this country during the post apartheid era, is the fact that every colour of skin is exactly the same. I have grown up in a church that was multi-cultural from before I was born. The upbringing I was taught at church was re-inforced when South Africa started changing in 1992 and officially in 1994. I was able to look at all colours as people and not as a ‘white’ or ‘black’ or ‘indian’ person. This has been instrumental in my life. It is now a way of life to speak to all people everywhere I go and work regardless of pay grade or colour.

This thinking had to be taught to me but is natural in children in this country now. this is an amazing lesson that every person on this planet can learn from. just under 2 year ago, my in-laws maid had a baby girl and a couple days later their first grand child (my niece) arrived. The maid brought the girl to work for the first little bit and they got to know each other a bit. 2 years later, the maid brought her little girl to play and they played for a full day, without question of colour or background or anything. they created havoc and chaos and loved it!

This was also highlighted in an earlier guest post on this blog “A Smile is the same in every language” 

When does colour start to matter to them? Why should it ever matter?

Personally, I think it should never matter. I think you should be valued on who you are as a person and not the colour of your skin or social standing. I am against the promotion of ‘people of colour’ just as much as I am against ‘white’ people being promoted because of their skin. IT IS WRONG! If the person has the credentials then they should get the job.
All people have bigger problems to worry about than the colour of each others skin.

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