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I have a 3 year old daughter. I am biased in saying she is wonderful but she is. We love her to bits! I soon realised that as much as she is learning daily from us – I (we as parents) are learning vital lessons from her. Certain lessons, I jave really tried to use in my daily life and encourage her to develop.
The list is endless and there will be another post like this, but here are the first 6 that I wrote down.

1. Enthusiasm is key.
Have you ever seen a 3 year old wave? It’s a whole body experience. Both hands go like crazy, not to mention their little faces light up like a Christmas tree after 7 espressos!

2. Never stop learning.
Every single day a 3 year old is learning what seems like an infinite number of things. New things. I take my daughter to school and she was exceptionally excited because we took a different route to school and she noticed that we had not used that route before. Never go a day without stretching your body or your mind like a 3 year old. They test their limits and break them daily. So should you! Never go a day without stretching your body or your mind.

3. Go, go, go, sleep!
3 year olds are perpetual motion. They never stop. When they stop they sleep. They may sleep for 2 – 3 hours or 20 minutes. Our daughter always looked like she was going to sleep for long periods but very seldom did. We as adults, should not go until we sleep but we should take breaks throughout the day. They might be short ones just recharge or longer to get some good rest. Either way, it’s a good idea.

4. If you say you will do something, DO IT!
This has caught us out numerous times. There is a great saying ‘judge a tree by the fruit it bears not by the fruit it talks about’ and this defines a 3 year old, especially my daughter. If we have told her that we will go to hw ahop to get shoes, she will remind us and ask wel after we have forgotten we said it or when we are too tired. If you do not do what you said you will do – well lets just say that the end of the world arrivws prwtty quickly for our little one. Enough said.

5. Be cautious but go all in.
My daughter can be very shy at first. It takes some time for her to try something new but once she has and she enjoys it – it’s all in time baby! You can be cautious to begin with but once you decide on a path or direction, go for it 100%.

6. Do what you enjoy.
We attanded a 4 year olds birthday party recently. One of my daughter’s class mates. We had been to the venue before and it was very nice. This time around, my daughter skipped all the things she had looked at on the last visit and went straight for the sand pit. Very seldom does my daughter (or any 3 year old) do anything they do not want to so why do we? We do things because we are supposed to do it or expected to attend but really don’t have to. Head to your sand pit of life.

What has your child or children taught you?

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Go ALL in

As I left for work today, I was struck by yet another lesson that my daughter has now taught me. She has just turned two years old and is an absolute terror and an absolute blessing all rolled into one beautiful little girl. Yes, I am biased but I am allowed to be.

She has grasped the concept of daddy going work quite quickly. This week she has had a few days at home with mom and has walked to the car with me to say goodbye.

This morning she walked out and started waving goodbye. When I say she waved – it was possibly the most enthusiastic wave ever! It started as a single handed wave. It finished as double handed full bodied wave. Her entire body was being put into the wave to express her saying goodbye. Very difficult to leave when she is being so cute.

How many times do you do things with the enthusiasm of a child? Unfortunately, you tend to what is necessary and expected of you so you can do something else. So take the lesson from the “little ones” of the world and live entirely and 100% in the now.

Jump in with both feet.

Give a body wobbling double handed wave.

Go ALL in ALL the time.

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My 8 1/2 month old daughter, Makayla, has an amazing fascination for object that she has seen many times before.
Every time an object is given to her to hold she will study it with her eyes and hands and generally follow that by sticking it in her mouth. If you give her the same object again – she will do the same thing as if she has never seen the object before.
This is a practise that decreases every day as we get older. It is quite sad too.
How often in every day life and especially at work have you stumbled whilst doing a task and. Looked over it 6 or 7 times and not found the solution yet? I do it regularly. This does not mean that we are stupid or incompetent at the task but rather it means we look at it and say “I know that is correct” and move on. We must take a lesson from Makayla (and most children her age) and look at it through “new eyes”.
I am sure that if we rediscover this ability, we would be able to save ourselves time and loads of frustration.

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Over the last 4 and a bit weeks, certain things have come to light for myself and it has changed the way I think about what I am doing.

My daughter arrived (Yes, I know – it is everything to me currently and it is not going to change) and suddenly the focus changed for Carrie and I. Our whole life and how we do things changed.

When it come to me personally, it only really affected me on a deep level when I started to do some training. Suddenly, the time was short and the opportunity to do the training was dramatically reduced. Gone are the days (for now) that I could go for a run just before dinner or when I get home from work.

I consulted my older brother (father to a dughter of 16 months at the time) because he had obviously was in the same boat. After a chat (whilst running – he did most of the talking), he gave me the insight that only the focus had really changed. It is how you use the time you have available that is now so critically important.

WOW! The value of training just went up ALOT!!

Looking back now, this had become apparent a few years back too, but I had not cognitively recognised it. I was a student full time for a long period and now had to start working. Whilst working I had to study as part of the articles I was serving with an auditing firm. This study was now part time and after hours! Same principle!

It does not matter what you have going on, time to yourself is precious. When you do use that time Рthere is certainly a concentration of effort in that time. This does not mean you have to work at a super fast fast or sprint the 5 km you planned, it means that when you are doing that activity Рyour mind is completely focused on that and nothing else.

What are you doing with that precious time?

Are you using to the full?

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