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What do you give presents for? What is the point? Many people only give because it is ‘expected’ of them at certain times of the year. Birthdays, Christmas and possibly a special religious occasion are the most popular.

Expensive does not mean impressive or appropriate.

Apart from the actual present giving, there is another aspect to the gift – the pricing dilemma. To most, the more expensive means the more impressive the gift. This may be true to a degree but it also can be interpreted as less thoughtful.

Here are 5 reasons to go this route:

1. These gifts are gifts that win every time – yes every time.

2. These gifts are timeless. The occasion does not matter because the gift is for that person so it never gets old or out of date.

3. These gifts are (most of the time) less expensive than others.

This is the biggest plus side by far. There is, however a down side to being less expensive – these gifts take effort. What you save in cash – you pay for in time and effort. A bit of planning goes a long way!

4. These gifts are less stressful to shop for.

This should be obvious. You have done all the hard work before you hit the shops, you can plan your attack on the local markets or malls (up to months) in advance and can avoid the last minute emotion (see number 5 below) before a big holiday!

5. There are no emotional decisions to be made at the lat minute.

Picture this: it is the last week before a huge present giving holiday and you are trying to rush some shopping. You are stuck in a huge mall with (seemingly) millions of other people. You have just found out that the ‘perfect gift’ is sold out in every store you have been to!

Enter – the emotional decision you have to make! No one likes to make these decisions and a lot of them are made badly, cost a lot more and are often regretted later!

It;s too late for this Christmas, but try these tips out throughout the year ahead for birthdays and other present giving special occasions.

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