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Dreaming of living

A number of years ago, if you said to me that i would own and run my own company, i would have stopped listening and carried on doing whatever it was that I was doing. This is because of one simple fact: I did not know how to dream.

Wait, wait. We all know how to dream. We all drwam or have in the past, about a big house with matching car and the whole family happier than ever. This “dream” is not real. It happens so rarely that i would say it never does. 

The dream I am talking about is a real dream. Ie: if certain actions by an ordinary person are performed, it will happen. These dreams may not be lavish or what you would expect them to be though. For some people, these dreams may take years to achieve but to others it happe s every day. Dreams are about you and are relative to your situation.

There are also no time limits on dreams. They can be short term or long term. In fact, it’s good practice to have short terms dreams that up that long term picture. An example could be of someone who has been seriously ill eg: with cancer who wants to run a 10km race. Short term the dream would be to be healthy enough to go home from hospital. Next, it would be clearance from doctors to start exercising. You know where i am going here. For others, be healthy  is a given each day.

The best dream is one that allows you to love life and everything it your life. This isthe dream that enables you to live. This may be simple or complex but the end result is the same. This may be scary and many may mot take that first step. This dream is worth every scary moment.


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