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Dreaming of living

A number of years ago, if you said to me that i would own and run my own company, i would have stopped listening and carried on doing whatever it was that I was doing. This is because of one simple fact: I did not know how to dream.

Wait, wait. We all know how to dream. We all drwam or have in the past, about a big house with matching car and the whole family happier than ever. This “dream” is not real. It happens so rarely that i would say it never does. 

The dream I am talking about is a real dream. Ie: if certain actions by an ordinary person are performed, it will happen. These dreams may not be lavish or what you would expect them to be though. For some people, these dreams may take years to achieve but to others it happe s every day. Dreams are about you and are relative to your situation.

There are also no time limits on dreams. They can be short term or long term. In fact, it’s good practice to have short terms dreams that up that long term picture. An example could be of someone who has been seriously ill eg: with cancer who wants to run a 10km race. Short term the dream would be to be healthy enough to go home from hospital. Next, it would be clearance from doctors to start exercising. You know where i am going here. For others, be healthy  is a given each day.

The best dream is one that allows you to love life and everything it your life. This isthe dream that enables you to live. This may be simple or complex but the end result is the same. This may be scary and many may mot take that first step. This dream is worth every scary moment.

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Never too old


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What do you dream about? What will your life be like when you’ve achieved your most deeply held dreams? Let’s take a look at how you can start living your dreams this very day.

Do you have a dream, a vision of the life you wish to live?
How specific is that dream?
How clear is that vision?
How do you intend to reach it?
What obstacles stand in your way?
Are your fears holding you back or are you using them to move you forward?

Your fears can actually lead you to success. Fear is an intense emotion. But that doesn’t mean it has to control you, or even stop you. Fear can prepare you and push you forward just as strongly as it can hold you back. Fear heightens your awareness and increases your physical strength. Fear brings your mind to sharp focus. With all that going for you, does it make sense to just run and hide? Of course not. Fear gets you in shape to take action.

Are you waiting for things to get better before moving ahead? If you’re serious about success, you need to start taking action today. If you’re waiting for things to be perfect, you’ll wait forever and nothing will ever get done.

The way to achieve is to bloom where you’re planted, to do what you can, where you are, with what you have. It’s easy to think up excuses for not taking action. If only I had more hours in the day. If only I had a better job. If only I could meet the right person. But excuses won’t bring you anything of value. You’ve got to change your “if only” into an “I will.” I will make better use of my time. I will work on improving my career. I will create and nurture my relationships.

Just as giving money, though, be sure to give your time to organizations that speak to you. You’ll feel so much more committed and have a greater sense of contentment when you are part of a group that you truly believe in. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Take a chance. Have faith in yourself. Your circumstances will improve when you make the effort to improve them. Start where you are right now. Start where you are with you have because what you hace is enough. You have everything it takes to reach for whatever you desire. Stop wishing. Use your time, your energy, your thoughts and efforts to make it happen. You’ll be glad you did.

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Fantasizers… rely on luck.
Dream Builders… rely on discipline.

Fantasizers… focus on the destination.
Dream Builders… focus on the journey.

Fantasizers… cultivate unhealthy expectations.
Dream Builders…cultivate healthy discontent.

Fantasizers… minimize the value of work.
Dream Builders… maximize the work they do.

Fantasizers… look for excuses.
Dream Builders… lead to action.

Fantasizers… create inertia.
Dream Builders… generate momentum.

Fantasizers… breed isolation.
Dream Builders… promote teamwork.

Fantasizers… wait.
Dream Builders… initiate.

Fantasizers… avoid personal risks.
Dream Builders… embrace risk as necessary.

Fantasizers… make others responsible.
Dream Builders… make themselves responsible.

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Following my hospital stay, I was instructed to see an occupational therapist to rehabilitate by arm back to full strength. I did not think it would be as hard as it is though. The first appointment involved making a cast that limited my range of motion. In simple terms – so I did not move my arm to I ripped the tendon off!

Then the OT gave me the process and the plan to recovery. 5 months! That is 5 months until complete recovery i.e. back to normal. That is a long time. I was (and am) determined to do this properly. The warning from the surgeon was simple: Be very patient through the rehab otherwise you will not gain full power and strength back EVER!

Eish! So patient I have tried to be.

Weekly visits to the OT have been encouraging because I can see the improvement. This weekend will make 10 weeks since that fateful day and i am halfway through the rehab of 5 months. I have not driven in 10 weeks.

So 10 weeks in and I am halfway to my first goal of getting my arm back to full strength. this is possibly the most important step. Without my arm injury free, I am not going anywhere especially to a half iron man! At 10 weeks, strengthening started and although very limited, it is absolutely necessary to start small and build on those little steps.

This is going to be the theme through this experience, start with little steps and build on those.


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