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There is very little point of dwelling in the past. Yes, we all make mistakes in our lives. That is part of living and part of life. They are there not to break us but rather to make us stronger.

Recently, I have been around people that are sitting around looking backwards. Looking at the previous month or two and sometimes longer and blaming everybody and anything for them not succeeding. This is actually depressing for myself because of 2 reasons:

1. I am moving forward with my life and being an influence to those around me by doing this and

2. I can see the potential that they are missing out on – the opportunities that are bashing on their doors. They are ignoring these and I find that frustrating.

Unfortunately, I cannot jump up and grab those opportunities because its not in my sphere. (otherwise, I would have already)

Move On

People try to go forward by walking backwards. Unless you have eyes on the back of your head, you cannot do this successfully. You will always doing either 50% because you are trying to do both.

At some point you, you HAVE TO move on.

You have to accept that bad things happened.

You have to learn from these bad things.

You have to MOVE ON.

Build that bridge

One of my favourite saying for this type of situations is this: Cry a river, build a bridge and get over it. Every step has to be taken to be ‘get over’ whatever it is that has happened.

There is no point trying to cross a river without a bridge because you will get caught up in the rapids.

There is no point in building a bridge before you cried the river.

There is no point in trying to get over that bridge if you have half built the bridge. You will fall into the river and get carried away by the rapids.

Lost potential

There is nothing more upsetting than watching potential being wasted. When you walk backwards, dwell in the past and not looking forward, you are wasting potential. You can never get that potential back.

All it takes is to turn around by learning from your mistakes and start running with the motivation and energy that drives you to go forward. Nothing can stop you achieving whatever you want.

So what is holding your granny panties down?

Cry the river, build the bridge, Pull up your granny panties and get over it!

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You are the only you around. In fact, you are the only you that has ever been and will ever be!

This sounds ridiculous, right? Why?

It is the TRUTH! That’s why it sounds stupid! Its the truth but no one listens to it and even less people believe it!

With that said, why are you copying someone else? Why are we all trying to copy someone else? Why are you trying to be a good copy of someone else when you can be a perfect copy of yourself?

Do that! Go out and be you! Be the perfect you! Live the life you want to.

This may be hard for some of us including myself who sometimes does not want to be me. Sometimes we would rather be a second hand version of ourselves, living a life that we think we should live rather than living the life we want to.

It is choice.

It is sometimes a very hard choice to make and a choice that I did not make for quite some years.

Why wait?

Why is it that we wait so many years to make this decision and do what we want? For some, we are scared of the consequences. we are scared of failing. For others, and this may sound really weird, we are scared of succeeding! We are scared of actually doing well and making our dreams a reality!

There of course many other reasons but whatever the reason, we should never have an excuse for not being us!

A first rate version of you is always better than a second rate version of someone else.

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