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I have long been a cyclist. More importantly a road cyclist. Forever trying to reduce weight and drag to increase speed. Roadies are the ones who prefer to walk around in tight lycra cycling pants with slightly to small cycling shirts with any brand under the sun on them. They also wear shoes with no grip on them that have cleats on the bottom that lift the toes above the heel. This makes walking very challenging. They are often seen hanging at coffee shops sharing war stories early in the morning on the weekends when most sane people are asleep. Well maybe I am not as hardcore as some but you get the idea.

Over the years, I have come into contact and even worked with a few “cyclists”. They call themselves mountain bikers. These guys (and girls) decided that putting knobbly tyres on a heavy frame and getting dirty was a good idea. Doing it repeatedly was an even better idea and doing stage races (some as long as 8 days) was the best idea.

After much persuasion and constant nagging, I finally decided to borrow a mountain bike and move off my beloved asphalt onto loose, dirty roads full of bumps and holes. I took it as a bit off fun and a different experience which I thought was worth the try. I said “Who knows – I may even enjoy it”. That is the right attitude to have when trying new experiences. Well in my opinion it is.

We were staying in the Drakensberg mountains at the time and the house was quite high up so everywhere you went was down first. This means one thing – UP and the way back! So off I went, cruising down a dirt road at speeds that I would not even do in the car. Given that I did not go “off road” as true mountain bikers would. I will say this – I did not really enjoy the experience I gained on the 4 rides. I went at different times of the day and over 4 different routes and still the enjoyment and thrill or rush did not wash over me as it does some people.

What was the overall result of this experiment with the other side of cycling? Quite simple, actually. It was fun to try it but not enough fun for me to start it on a more regular basis or rush out and buy a mountain bike. It was worth a try but not for me. This goes for most things in life – I am happy I tried it but am also happy to accept that there is a growing number of people who enjoy it.

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It was a long 5 and a half years of work, sometimes doing things that – did not enjoy. Throughout the 5 years of my articles, despite the difficult times and sometimes just horrible people, I vowed that I will never forget these times but rather learn from them.
I always knew I would not be there forever (although at times it did feel like it) and this is where my vow kicks in. It does not matter what size entity you work or are involved in, there will probably be someone above you and someone below you in the “food chain”. This obviously excludes if you are the owner.
Being an article clerk, this was especially true. I quickly learned how I liked to be treated and how I did not want to be treated. The effect of this was how I treat people now. That’s what never forgetting where you came is all about. I was once at the bottom and have subsequently moved up. I will, however, NEVER forget where I came from. I have had some really great people to work for and often use what they taught me. I have also had some really horrible people to work for and often use what they taught me.

The difference you ask? It may seem like the same thing!

The difference is that I will use both but in opposite ways. The positive I will reuse over and over again. The negative (latter) I will use when reminding myself how not to deal with people.
Your past my have determine where you are today but it can be the biggest influence of where you will go!
Treat others as you would have them treat you and you will never go wrong.

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