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Very few places on earth is it possible to walk or drive without seeing the influence of humans. Not cities or buildings but rubbish and litter and other ‘remains’. Think about your trip to work from your home to the station or from your works gate to the front door. Better example still: the bathrooms! Male bathrooms are normally dodgy at the best of times. I do not know first hand of the situation in any female bathrooms.

What am I getting at?

What I am trying to say is this: Leave only your footprints wherever you go. Leave behind nothing but your footprints. Go one step further; leave it in a better state than when you arrived. Take a camp site for example. You arrive at your site and it is clean and neat. After a good holiday, including many sweets and good meals, you pack up and find that there are packets and items of rubbish on your campsite. This is a pretty normal sequence of events. You pack and go home without clearing up! NO – you clean it up.

Whilst clearing the site you see items that have blown over onto you site from a neighbor. Would you pick it up or leave it? This is what I am suggesting we do – leave it better than when we arrived. It takes no extra time at all. How would you feel if you arrived at a place and found that the previous people had left rubbish there? If you leave that ‘extra’ rubbish there – you are placing that feeling onto the next people.

You might be saying ‘it’s not my problem’. I have heard this line “I am littering in order to create employment for others”. WTF! DISGUSTING! It is your problem and it is your fault when you do that. I am not asking you to go out of your way to clean the entire coastline of Spain. Just your own little part of the planet.

When you leave somewhere – do you leave a trail for others to see? Or do you leave it in a better state than when you arrived?


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