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I saw a photograph of a cyclist from a newly formed South African team. They are racing in Europe amongst some of the top teams in the world. The message emblazoned in the picture was “if you want to be great, surround yourself with greatness”. They are new to the pro circuit and they are aspiring to be great. They have jumped in the deep end of greatness to get there. After a few short months – they have got many good results and are well on their way to greatness. The name is Team MTN Quebeka.

Their story plays out on the world stage and on television and radios worldwide. You are asking “what about me? I can’t be great”


Greatness happens in all places, it has no favour for race, creed, colour, nationality, gender or age. Greatness comes from within. What is on the inside really sets us apart from others not the list of physical or seen differences above.

How do you do it?
It is actually quite logical and simple. I will use two examples to illustrate how:
1. I am a cyclist. I enjoy it but do not get to do it as much as I like. In order to get better or faster – there are a few ways I can “surround myself in greatness”.
a. Watch the professionals on television both in South Africa and abroad.
b. Read magazines and books about cycling.
c. Get involved with a cycling group that goes on rides locally. This is the most important step. it must however, be a group that is slightly “greater” than my current level. Otherwise I will never grow or move off my current level.

2. I enjoy photography. I really get so much joy from taking photographs. It can something simple like a flower in the garden to majestic mountains to downhill skateboarders rushing past me. “Surrounding myself with greatness” would involve steps similar to the steps above. These are:
a. Read photography articles online about taking the photos you want as well as the technology involved.
b. Attending workshops to develop the art and skill involved.
c. Doing it. Go beyond what you are familiar with and stretch yourself.
d. Tag along with a local professional and glean all the information you can without interrupting their work.

“You will never soar with the eagles when you hang around Turkeys”

I love this quote because its so true and very descriptive. Both the above examples are encapsulated by the people you are around. If I ride with fast guys – I will have to keep up. Yes, I may not keep up at first but if I keep at it (and have a little encouragement) I will eventually hang onto the back wheel and stay there. Over time I may be leading the peloton!

Surround yourself in greatness and soar to new heights!

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