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The journey


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On the cover of every magazine – you find it. It is the topic of literally 1000’s of blogs. It is the topic of self improvement. Start exercising or stop smoking. Even find your true self.

This is great … IF you WANT to change yourself or improve your life.

Improving your own life is exactly that – your own. I think it is a very good effort to improve your life. However, it is a very personal journey. You can bring people together to support you and I think you should do that. Not every one you meet and share your journey with is going to be your supporter. you cannot expect it either. It is your journey and not theirs.

I repeat what I said earlier – I am in 100% support of the improvement, just keep it to you and your true supporters. You WILL encounter people who actually just do not want to change and that is perfectly okay. If they do not want to change – you must not try and force them to. Do not try and convert them to your way and try to get them to improve with you. They may be on their on journey.

Keep going on your journey!

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