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We have all been around kids at some point and heard some of the classic expressions they say. They will say anything that is on their mind at that moment with no filters on the way out.

Over the course of growing up these filters are added our minds and mouth. We are told to mind our manners around others and watch what we say. This is probably to stop us hurting others and being hurt by others.

This is a good-bad thing.

It is a good thing because, as stated above, we do not hurt others or get hurt by others. It protects us from being hurt – very good.

It, however, is more bad than good. What kids say may be classified as rude or put into various other categories but it can be more correctly classified as brutally honest. For example, if a child thinks your hair style is ugly – they will tell you. If an adult thinks that – they will not. The kid is being honest about what they think of your hair style whereas the adult is not. It becomes a problem when we start burying feelings and emotions. These eventually start festering inside and this will lead to all kinds of hurt and long term damage. This in turn hurts those around us.

There are time when you should not speak your mind.
For personal safety when walking in a not so nice part of town. Telling someone their hair style is rubbish (however true) is not advisable.
when dealing with the law: yes – you think the police man is an idiot and that you were not speeding but keep this to yourself because you will get into more trouble than you are in already. In this instant – keep it to yourself!

Speak your mind!

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Each To Their Own

Everybody has their own ideas and ways of doing things. That’s what makes the human race so diverse and interesting.
What works for you and what works for someone in Japan or Spain might be completely different and even on opposite ends of the spectrum. This does not mean that either of the approaches is right or wrong. All it means is that the ways are different!

There is a very good saying for this “each to their own”.

If you pick a topic, any topic, you cam find a myriad of books (yes, actual pages bound together) on that topic and with the internet being what it is, you can find a insane amount of articles, ebooks and other information on that same topic. The above statement rings more and more true in this regard. Even where there is only one source of information eg: the Bible, the way it is interpreted again leads to a host of different books etc.

All over social media you find statements like “this books is the way to go” or “this is the ONLY way to do it”. These are essentially incorrect because if that were the only way to do it then EVERYBODY would do it that way and there would be one book in every language etc. This is never the case in any case EVER. The only case this may exist is religion for example the Bible. This, however, has many different versions available. Clearly, there are very few cases like this.
I, like everyone else, have my opinions on things. So does everybody else. The current topic that springs to mind is children and how to bring them up. I only say this topic because we have a young daughter and have friends and relatives with kids too. There are “text book kids” and there are kids that break all the text book rules. I was apparently one of them. I had brothers that were “text book” too. We all managed to grow up and learn everything we needed to so clearly there is no “RIGHT WAY” to do it.

“Each to there own” rings true again.

Pick a topic and you will see that this statement is true.

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