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Heroes Serve

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Leaders are commissioned to see people they lead reach their full potential. This means that the greatest compliment we can ever have is when the people we are leading become greater than us.


If we believe that we are leading because we are the most qualified, then we will subconsciously work to undermine other people’s advancements.


In order to lead, one first needs to serve.

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Powerless people are revealed by powerless language i.e. I can’t. The driving force behind such people is anxiety where they react to whatever is taking place around them. Powerless people approach a relationship as a consumer. They look for other people who have resources of happiness and joy to share with them. This person will consume whatever another person will offer. When presented with challenges they shift blame and do not take responsibility.

A strong leader / powerful person displays the following qualities:

  •  Takes responsibility for their life and choices.
  •  They choose who they want to be with, what they are going to pursue in life and how they will achieve it.

A strong leader does not dominate or control others but does the exact opposite.

A strong leader does not try to get people to respect them but rather creates a respectful environment by showing respect. They deliberately set a standard for how they expect to be treated by the way they treat others.

As they consistently act in a honourable way to others it becomes clear that the only people who can get close to them are those who demonstrate the same qualities.

A strong leader can be who they say they are on a consistent basis and because they know how to be themselves, they invite those around them to be themselves creating a safe place free from condemnation.

In closing, choosing to walk in honour ( respecting, valuing and loving others ) is the most powerful choice you could ever make and is more rewarding than you could ever imagine !

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