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Be Where You Are Now

We are always planning for the future. Working today for what we can have tomorrow. That has major positive attributes we all know about. It also has one major flaw. Tomorrow never comes. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Now is all we have.

Put your phone down. Turn  off the television and be with the people you love right now. They are with you now but they may not be there just now. Just now your 2 babies will be grown up and out the house and you spent their years on your tablet or laptop? I this what you want?

We do not have a live television connection at home. Yes – you read that right. We have an old TV with an old DVD player – both of which were given to us. This decision was made together because when we got married, I was still studying and if I could watch TV instead of studying – I would have. Now that I have finished my degree, we still do not want anymore than what we have. this is because we would rather spend time actually talking to each other than mindlessly getting addicted to rubbish flashing on the screen.

Now is not going to be here for ever and no one wants to the person who looks back at 60, shocked saying what happened?

How do you be in the moment? Simple. Just be there. Kiss your kids good night. Say I love you to your other half every day. The list is full of simple and little items. These little items are what makes the difference in the long run. These are what you look back at and say “I should have done more of…”  

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As much as you do not want to admit it – the world is driven by numbers. Everywhere you look and in every aspect of life – numbers numbers numbers! Computer geeks will tell you it is all 0’s and 1’s. Economists are all about GNP, GDP and percentages. Stock markets are about averages, points up and percentage change. Sportsmen and women are all about Km/h, watts, speed, time and so many other statistics.

I thought I was a numbers person. I do some cycling and have been obsessed with the numbers. I have the complete spreadsheets telling all the ups and downs. I cycle both on a single bike as well as on a tandem. I have computers on both bikes. Recently my dad (tandem partner too) got a garmin computer and wanted to have it on the back of the bike so he could see what the statistics were.
It suddenly changed my mind about numbers. I started to cycle by feel and purely for the love of it. It was so much better. I did not have to worry about average speed and how fast (or slow) we were going. I just checked if my dad was doing okay and that was all I was worried about.
I found I enjoyed the whole experience more. The only numbers I really am interested in now are the total distance and the average speed.

I have subsequently met a female semi-professional mountain bike rider and I asked what kind of computer she used, expected a very sophisticated model. The answer was the opposite – she does not use one at all! She said “she just rides”.

The love for anything diminishes when you get caught up in the numbers. I am not saying do not keep them or look at them but rather do not caught up obsessing about them because it takes you away from what you love and do best. Numbers are important but the love for it is more important.

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