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Back To Basics

In a recent conversation at a coffee shop, with a long time friend, he highlighted a crucial, yet simple, truth when going through a tough time. This hit home hard as I have been unemployed after retrenchment for the last 2 months.

The truth is this: get back to basics and do the basics correctly.

The basics consist of the following elements:

1. Physical.

Get into a routine. Get up and have a shower and breakfast. Go to gym / go running / go cycling (or whatever you like doing).

The reason behind this? If you are physically unhealthy – you already are one step behind on everybody.

2. Mental. Keep your brain going by doing mentally stimulating activities. These include (but not limited to): reading, studying towards a certificate, diploma or degree. I have 2 family members that in their 50’s decided to go for their degree! This area also involves keeping your brain mentally rested. Hours in front of the TV do not give your brain a rest. In fact, it is probably the opposite! If you keep nodding off to sleep in front of the TV in the evening – go to bed. Do not try and fight sleep. The program you are watching will be repeated and or is not very important anyway. Rather take your body’s hint and get some rest.

3. Spiritual.

I am a Christian so this entails certain things to get closer to God. However, this can apply to which ever god you serve. Practice the religion (or even the discipline) in whatever way is necessary for you to be more at peace in regard to your spirituality.


The above basics are like the foundations to your life. With unstable foundations, your life will eventually crumble. It may not happen immediately but it will in the long term. It starts out very subtly and ends (if not corrected) with an almighty collapse.

Catch it early and it is a maintenance issue. Leave it too late – it is a major rebuild from the foundations upwards!

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