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We  all have to face trials and periods of turmoil in our lives. No one of any age, creed or colour can escape that fact. However, whatever you may think and whatever you may believe regarding this fact Рthe following statement is true.

No matter how dark and how terrible the situation you face is, there is ALWAYS hope.

There is ALWAYS a positive aspect to the situation.

As long as you have a simple glimmer of hope – that is enough to keep going. Hope is the creator of greatness. It is the stuff that makes us get up in the morning and keep going despite what you are told and what you believe.

The sliver lining in the dark is often hiding right there in plain sight. The problem is that most of the time we are looking down. You are never going to see the sun when you are looking in the shadows.

Look up and you will see something more positive than what you see when you look down. The fact that you are still breathing is probably the biggest piece of hope to hold onto. If you are breathing, you can still fight for what you want, love the people in your life and look up to see something great.

Stop looking in the dark for for the glimmer of hope you need to carry on fighting, for if you only looked up you would see it!

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Each and every January, just about everybody seems to be setting goals and writing down resolutions for the coming year. Many of these goals do not get achieved. Many of them do not even get a plan to achieve them. Most of them actually do not have a chance of getting attained.

The goal is not the most important aspect but rather the process in order to get to that goal. that is the most important part of the whole process. What am I talking about? Go and search “goal setting” in your favourite search engine and you will get millions of results that all tell you what your goals should be and how to set them. Only about 10% actually tell you about the process or plan to get to those goals. Let me explain using a personal example.

I am a road cyclist. I am not a serious road cyclist by any stretch of the imagination. I have set myself a goal to rise 3 000 km this year. A modest total to ride. I could easily make that 5 000 or even 10 000km. Having said that, when I set that goal, I looked at all the years I have ridden and the goals I have set and not once have I attained those lofty numbers for various reasons. I have to take those circumstances into account when setting my goals. I have other goals too! A few of them take more priority over my cycling.

The goal is 3 000 km. Does the process end there? NO! That is about 1% of the process. the biggest question is how I am going to achieve the 3 000km.

Break it down into 12 months – 250km per month.

Break it down into 52 weeks – 57.69 km per week.

How am I going to achieve that 57.69 km? 3 rides per week. 2 during the week in the morning and one longer ride on the weekend.

This may sound easy to any cyclist out there, but you have to take into consideration that there will be at least 5 weekends away on holiday which include ZERO cycling. There is at least one week planned this year for vacation with ZERO cycling. These add up!

The list goes on. You get the point.

Setting goals is the start. The process of achieving those goals is the critical part!

How are you going to achieve your goals for this year?

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Use Your Pain

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