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In March 2011, our world was flipped upside down when Carrie handed me a pregnancy test that had 2 lines on it ie: Positive. Great news. Our lives got flipped upside down when Bumpy (yes we named the bump) arrived by emergency C-section on 14 November 2011.

All parents will nod together when reading this next statement.


The sleepless nights and the seemingly endless crying wears you out and drains you completely and throws you to the end of your rope so quickly.  My heart drops every time she is put down to sleep and moments later we hear a slight cry that leads to a howling scream which leads us back to her to start the process over again for the umpteenth time!

In the last, by God alone, my rope has been extended again and again. The extension happens when I look at the adorable bundle of chaos in absolute amazement. In that moment, it is all worth it – the tears, the shouting – everything.

I have never heard a parent say that the tough times were not worth it in the end!

It is true of most aspects of life and is often alluded to in sport in the the sweetest victories are often the toughest ones. In parenthood, and hopefully it is true, the long days and nights all become worth it when the parent sees that child grow to be a cute toddler all the time forming their own personality.

I will let you know as the story unfolds for us!

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