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I do not have a problem with patience – its the waiting that kills me! – Anon.

We have all been stuck in a queue or line in order to get something done. Examples include the bank, shopping checkouts and even traffic to and from your destination. It feels like you will never get to the front! So how can we make use of this time?

1. Use the time as ‘down time’. This can be a time to relax and take a break. Sometimes you will sitting in a chair – perfect to chill and relax!

2. Collect your thoughts. The time you spend in a queue can be used to collect your thoughts and even plan you life. Perhaps run through the rest of your day or the meeting you are going to.

3. People watch. The lost art of just watching people. Do not stare but watch. You can up all sorts of clues and hints as to the people around you by simply watching them. I repeat do not stare though. This does take time and practice. You also have to be quiet calm, relaxed and able to go with the flow. Try it. What emotions can you see? Are the people irritated’ upset, happy or annoyed? I was in a long line at university today and got some time to people watch. I saw a number of different people types. The impatient type: when is this going to be over aarrgh? The person, who is trying to fill in the form while in the line, The chilled person: just calmly waiting for this to move along. The ‘evangelist’: this person is talking to everybody and anybody within talking distance. Unfortunately the evangelist always has a ‘victim’ who is the person they talk to but really wishes the evangelist would just be quiet.

There is no use in getting all frustrated and upset when the line is long but rather turn this ‘waste of time, into productive time. It helps you and everybody around you. Try it and I almost guarantee you will find the time goes quicker and the end of the line will bring a productive result.

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