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Recession? Whatever!

Everybody is concerned with how tight cash flow is. I am talking normal people, not multi millionaires and their peeps. Too often, the comment of “the recession is really tough” is thrown around. Most of the time, the people saying this are not using it in the right context, or don’t understand what it means.

The abundance of knowledge and the availability to one and all, not only local but anything from any corner of the world. This is the basis of the incorrect use or misunderstanding of this apparent recession. The experts on these shows are indeed that, experts. As with a lot of journalism, their knowledge is taken out of context. This causes a sensational story but causes damage. I call this rubbish, sensational journalism and it does nothing for anyone.

This is the basis of people using words they have no idea about. I xan see why recession is used but i can also see that it cannot be a reality, well at least not in 3 examples:

1. The money spent on cars. There are cars arw worth from about R 300 000 and can be as much as R1.2m. These may or may not be actually needed and warrant the price tag. However, it is the monthly instalments that intrigue me. These can range up to R20 000. This  massive chunk of anyones monthly income. Some may be illegally used as “business expenses” but the vast majority? Surely it ,ust put huge strain on the bills when combined with a bond on a massive house as well as many other of the usual expenses. Many of these families will have 2 cars. You see where i am going with this.

2. The local pub is full. Just up the road from us is a newly opened bistro / bar. It is busy every day. It fills up from about 3pm, everyday. In relative terms, eating out and alcoholic beverages is expensive. With the “recession” going on, how do all these people afford this daily event? 

3. Money spent on toys.  I am not talking about for children,  but rather the “big boys and girl” toys. Anything from bicycles to the latest watches and drones to name just a few. 

So you have a fancy car, going Foe drinks with mates every night and have the latest toys to show off. All very good but how do you afford the rest of your obligations? DURING A RECESSION?

PS:the other thing is how do people manage to get time from work to go  have drinks midafternoon? 



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