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Life through technology

As i sit on a spectacularly beautiful island in the Indian ocean, I can see amazing photographs that could be taken every second of everyday from every angle imaginable. In fact, I estimate I could take about 6 000 photos a day here with ease.
However, despite having the equipment to do this amazing photography for an entire week, I have purposefully left my equipment back home, 3000 km away.

Yes,  you read right. I left it all at home. Today whilst playing with my family and enjoying the real life moments that will be etched in our memories forever, i realised that taking those photos will not make those memories at all. In fact, it will not even create anything. Sitting behind technology, whether it is a camera or smart phone , will actually stop you from living. This is because you do not experience anything. You may capture moments but that is all.

We have all become too engrossed in life but it is a life through technology. People on holiday at meal times, not talking each other because they are looking at their cell phones is just a travesty on so many levels.
However, people use their phones instead of real cameras. It’s brilliant because I would predict that it actually produces more photos by more people, that would not have been taken otherwise. The convenience of and the relative quality of these cameras is the main reason. What is sad about this reality is that seconds after that photo is taken, it is being shared on social media instead of living the next moment. You are likely to get more likes from those photos than from a serious announcement.

Step away from your technology, be it your phone, tablet, laptop, computer, television and even your smart watch so you can actually life with your own eyes instead of through technology.

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“That’s old school” is a simple phrase that is being used more and more because technology is moving faster and faster. Why read a book when you can read off a kindle or tablet device? Why write a letter when you can type an email? Why write at all when you can type? Why take your kids outside to play when you can occupy your kids for hours with television or computer related technology?

With all the technology in the fast progressing world – there are still certain instances where technology cannot be replaced.
1. Weather prediction.
The Durban (SA) weather report most days is this: partly cloudy clearing later with morning and evening rain expected. Can you be more vague to cover all bases! Today the max temperature is predicted at 25 degrees. It was 25 degrees at 6am! You got it wrong!
It is amazing how many people believe the weather reports too. Last weekend the prediction was rain all weekend. Naturally, everybody believed this so flooded the local shopping centre. Little did they notice that the sun was out and glorious! Epic fail! We went and had a great day out!

2. Parenting.
This is a touchy subject but has to be said. The children today are very different from other generations. This is not there fault. I blame the parents. I am not a perfect father and we are not perfect parents to our daughter.
Parents unfortunately mistake technology for a replacement to parenting. I cannot believe that a child of 3 / 4 years of age should have a tablet of their own or know how to use a smart phone. Call me whatever you want but I still believe “old school” parenting like going to the park and building lego together is the way to go. It has worked for so many generations (including the one that raised the current parents) so why change it? Are parents getting lazier? If so, why have kids? Rather just be lazy together and not have to worry about kids! It is easier (and cheaper) for you.

Having had my opinion, there is a place for technology – of course. The advances in many different sectors has changed the world. Sometimes sticking your head out the window and seeing the sun, grabbing the family and heading out to the beach / park is ALWAYS going to be the better option!

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