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You hear so many stories about people who get up one day and do a long endurance event. I spoke a man just this morning that decided one day to do the comrades marathon. The comrades is an ultra marathon from Pietermaritzburg to Durban in South Africa. Its 89 kilometres! Is it just training or is it built into us to do that?
So how much is training? How much is genetics? Could I get up with some training and run 89 km in 12 hours or less? Probably.
I think from experience that what event you is irrelevant because I think that there are very few events accessible to most people that we cannot do if we trained for it. The difference is how quickly we finish and how much we enjoy the event. This is where the genetic side comes in.

I have not met or heard of anybody who has done now training for a long endurance event and managed to finish. I am talking about events of 6 or 7 hours or more – the ultra marathons and iron man events. Under training us probably the biggest problem in any sporting event. If two people did the same training – one would do better than the other every time. I am counting out bad luck and illness etc. This the genetic difference!

This has obviously no researched proof but collected from years of observations at sporting events and information and knowledge gained throughout that time.

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